Abandoned Gun Mill – The Allied Printers Factories of The Silk City


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February 19, 2014

The Allied Textile Printers Gun Mill factory and ruins are on 28 Van Houten Street in the city of Paterson, the county of Passaic, New Jersey.

The property originally was leased in 1813 and housed a rolling mill and nail factory. In 1836, the Patent Arms Manufacturing Company tore down the nail and rolling pin factory and constructed a four store building in which to manufacture Colt revolvers. Later the first silk processing occurred in this building as well and in the 1840’s when the demand for silk grew the mill expanded adding 3 new buildings to the lot. The factory expenses began to grow and soon became too much to handle and in 1842 the property was seized for back mortgages and auctioned off at public auction to John Eblers. From there it continued in the same route it was going in and grew into more than just a gun and silk mill but also a cotton and wool manufacture and a textile dyeing and finishing plant.

The site continued to grow and produce a variety of things into the 1970’s but as industry declined the site was fully abandoned in 1980. The site has been a made part of the Great Falls National Park and resides in part of the National Historic Landmark District. There are over 40 decaying structures on the land including some that reside below the ground. In 2010, archaeological excavations were done on the premises of the site. During this time the site was also documented and conservation of the site or at least some of the remaining machines and possible buildings are being processed as the Great Falls National Park develops.

The factories that resided on the property included the Gun Mill, Passaic Mill, Waverly and Mallory Mill, Home Mill and Todd Mill.

Where is the Allied Textile Printers factory located? You can find it with these coordinates. 40.917861,-74.178744.

Images used under Creative Commons License Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike 2.0 Generic. All images by Anthony Fine / Flickr / huntergather.

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  • Ron P.

    Unless you’re wearing a bulletproof vest, I wouldn’t recommend visiting this place. It’s located in Patterson, NJ, which in 2014 was voted the 75th most dangerous city in the U.S.. I visited this mill yesterday and there is much scaffolding, so it looks as though there is some sort of project going on. I also received a tip from the tenant of the building next door that there are numerous homeless people occupying the site, and that it was a bad idea to go inside, especially near dusk. The park that took over the site is all closed to the public, too, so there isn’t much incentive to visit. If you still want to see for yourself, though, don’t let me discourage you. You had fair warning, though.

    • Napoleon Zivkovic

      [Paterson is spelled with one ‘t’] I live in the Essex Mill, just next door; conditions are not ideal, certainly, but not as dire as many make it out to be. Hopefully, when the grounds of the former ATP site and Colt Gun Mill ruins are finalized as walking paths of Great Falls National Park (the current homeless encampment), circumstances will improve…at present, citizens are battling an attempted privatization of the Levine (Stoney Road) Reservoir near Garret Mountain, mini-Tammany Hall politics as usual. ~ Napoleon N. Zivkovic, Acting Paterson Historian

    • Sam

      It is very easy to go back and see the ATP Site. It is a bit dangerous so go back there with someone who knows the turf. The ATP Site is all junk remains of buildings… The homeless people and/or thugs are not the greatest danger in that 7 acres. The decaying buildings and property itself is the greatest danger.