Bennett College Abandoned in Millbrook, New York – The 20th Century Women’s School


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July 6, 2013

Bennett College founded in 1890 in Millbrook, Duchess County, New York.

In 1978 Bennett College shut down due to financial situations. Halcyon Hall was the main building and was built in 1893 by H. J . Davison Jr. Styled in Queen Ann architecture and having 200 rooms with 5 stories, a basement, and a sub-basement it was initially built as a luxury hotel.

The School quickly fell into ruin when it was shut down. Once the main power had been shut off, the water pipes burst shortly after causing extensive water damage. The roof collapsed on more than one area and trees and plants began to grow through out. Demolition was supposed to occur in 2012 of Halcyon Hall but seems to have not yet occurred.

You can find this old school with these coordinates. 41°46′35″N 73°41′58″W.

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