Ciudad Valdeluz – Brought Down to a Ghost Town – The Should be Mecca of España


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November 8, 2013

Valdeluz City lies in the province of Guadalajara, in the municipality of Yebes, on the land surrounding the Alcohete Sanatorium, in Spain.

Valdeluz City was brought into progress by the Urban Action Program in 2004. It was originally established to offer over 9,500 homes, houses, apartments, businesses, and other industries to accommodate 30,000. As of 2012 this giant town has a population of less than 1,800. Though it is not fully abandoned it is deemed a ghost town because of the immense area that is being unused, including many possible homes and establishments. The streets are generally always empty and the roads are covered in black tire marks.

Transports to the city are limited. A little over 70% of the would be community has either not been developed or stands vacant with out dwellers. A supermarket is open twice a week and and a doctor’s office. It is planned to open a clinic that offer emergency service and minor surgery. There is a golf course of 18 holes and soon it will offer an indoor sports complex.

This city was projected to flourish and offer a lovely residential community with lower prices than the housing costs of Madrid. When the economic crisis of 2008 occurred it greatly reduced the real estate sector that was being offered. Properties are now being offered at lower costs to buyers as so many balconies and apartments and homes remain empty. This is totally the place I’d like to move.

Where is City Valdeluz Ghost Town located? You can find this giant of a should be city with these coordinates. 40.591944, -3.109444.

Image 1 is All Rights Reserved and used with permission by Sergios Calante Del Valle [Flickr/sergioescalantedelvalle].
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  • rober34

    You guys don’t understand… Nobody really cares if there’s people or not. The point was just to build it, together with a High-speed train station. The land belongs to the then-president of Madrid region’s family, Ms. Esperanza Aguirre, and was financed by two banks that no longer exist: Caja Madrid and Caja Castilla La Mancha. Their presidents got hefty kickbacks, religiously bribed the ruling party PP, and moved into the next scam.

    But Spain is grandiose, so leading to this development there’s also a highway that’s now filed for bankrupcy, the Radial 2. This highway runs totally parallel to another free highway -A2- located some 3 km’s away. And, as most citizens are not retarded nor millilonaire, it happened NOBODY uses the Radial 2. It can be a nice companion to this article: A ghost highway that leads to the ghost city. I’m sure you won’t find this elsewhere in Europe, and we have more: Google Radial 3, Radial 4 and Radial 5 for similar stories.