Kolmanskop the Ghost Town in Namibia Abandoned – verlassene Stadt Kolmannskuppe


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June 17, 2013

Kolmanskop (or Kolmannskuppe) is located in the Namib Desert in Namibia, Africa. The desert ghost town was named after transport driver Johnny Coleman, which Kolmanskop means Coleman's Hill in Afrikaans.

In Namibia, from 1884 to 1915, the German Empire ruled the area and it was known as German South-West Africa. Diamonds were found in this particular area in 1908 and caused an influx of German miners. The village was built in the architectural style of a German town and even had the first tram in Africa that lead to the next town. It had many amenities and buildings including a theater, hospital, casino, school, bowling alley, ballroom and sport-hall, power station, ice factory and the first x-ray-station in the southern hemisphere.

After the first World War the town began to decline and Kolmanskop became abandoned by 1954. The diamonds in the area were exhausted and the wealth that once drove this luxurious desert town had been depleted.

The desert sands are now reclaiming the town. Many of the houses have several feet of sand inside them and the outside of many buildings are deteriorating. Overall the ghost town is in good shape, having tours run through it for interested visitors. Tours are run by the NamDeb company and you need a permit to visit.

Find it with these desert coordinates. 26.70406°S 15.232365°E

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