Riverside Hospital – the Sisters of Mercy Abandoned Infirmary in Toledo


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September 24, 2013

Riverside Hospital is located between 1601 and 1631 North Summit Street, Lucas County, Toledo, Ohio.

The Riverside Hospital was opened in 1883 as a home for unwed mothers in North Toledo. Originally under the supervision of the Sisters of Mercy, later it became part of Mercy Health Partners, and the name was changed to Riverside Mercy Hospital sometime after 1983. Riverside Hospital had around 270 beds at the time of its closure.

In 2002 the hospital closed with the opening of the new hospital Mercy St. Anne, but it was not completely abandoned for some time after. The hospital is now owned by the Toledo Public Schools. It is watched for trespassers but yet still people find a way in and it decays, keeping its past all to itself.

It is also believed to be haunted by former workers and visitors alike because there are some parts, like the tunnels, that banging noises and unforgettable chills and presences can be felt and heard in. Other than this more information could not be found, if you know something or anything about this hospital please leave a comment below.

Where is the abandoned Sisters of Mercy Riverside Hospital in Toledo located? You can find this hopefully to be used hospital with these coordinates. 41.662809,-83.515749.

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  • bosco

    I was born in Riverside Hospital in 1955. Once when I was child I was a patient there. I remember looking out the window and being able to watch the ships past through the Craig Bridge. I am fairly certain I was on the third floor towards the end of the building about where the third picture from the top shows. That must have been the area for children. I was also a patient at least one other time and had been to the emergency room at least once. Around the time Riverside closed I had some metal removed from my eye. This took place in the then new part. The admittance clerk if I ever been a patient at Riverside hospital, I said yes, she ask when and I gave her my birth date. My son also had a minor surgery performed there in the early 80s.

  • N. Graham

    The hospital is located on the land that belonged to Major Benjamin Stickney.

    When Stickney had his farm here, it was plundered during the Toledo War, since Major Stickney was a major Ohio supporter. His son Two caused the only injury in the war.

    • Heather Launder

      Do you know any other information about Major Stickney

  • Emily

    I was born there on December 30 1998(:

    • Heather Launder

      Emily ,
      Has your parents ever spoke of hearing anything while there? You can emial me at hlaunder9@gmail.com