The Abandoned Maltings Brewery of Tooth and Co. in Mittagong


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March 26, 2014

The Tooth and Co. Mittagong Maltings Brewery can be found on Lot 21 Southey Street in the town of Mittagong, the Southern Highlands Region of New South Wales, Australia.

The Maltings at Mittagong was established in 1899 and was used to supply barely malt to breweries. Designed by architect Timothy Conner, the Maltings was built at a price of £8,496. Owned and used by Tooth and Co., who was the major beer brewer in NSW and one of the oldest companies in Australia. There were 3 buildings on the site of the Mittagong Maltings, 2 of which remain and 1 that was burned and destroyed by a fire in 1965. The Tooth and Co. Brewery thrived over the years with great success but when 1974 came around major changes began to affect the company occurring from the Commonwealth Trade Practices Act of 1974. As time passed, so did the company and the 2 malthouses were subsequently closed in 1981 and abandoned. The Tooth and Co. struggled to maintain form over the next 30 years and were removed from the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in 2010, with the company being stated as worthless.

The initial trademark logo of the Tooth and Co. Beer was that of the White Horse Rampant.

Where is the abandoned Mittagong Maltings Tooth and Co. Brewery located? You can find it with these coordinates. -34.448244,150.458641.

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