The Abandoned Valley of the Mills in Italy – Il Vallone dei Mulini, Italia


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July 7, 2013

The abandoned mills of the valley located in Sorrento and Gragnano in the Province of Naples, Campania, Italy.

For over 600 years these mills were used to produce flour. During the 13th century, especially between 1266 and 1272 increase production for these mills occurred. Using the water from the river Vernotico and by storing water in towers for droughts these mills quickly became a source of sustenance for the city of Naples and the surrounding areas. In 1647 the area maintained importance and was involved in the revolt Masaniello. At its peak during the 18th century the mills produced over a million bushels of wheat a year. With the advancement of the new pulp industry in the 19th century and the onset of taxes mill production began to slow. By the 1940’s it had all ceased and the mills became overgrown and abandoned.

Where is the Valley of the Mills located? You can check the street view out with these coordinates for the large and most popular mill. 40.624985,14.37649. You can’t see anything from the satellite view. These are the coordinates for the rest of the mills through-out Gragnano. 40.68348,14.53287

All images used and licensed under CC BY SA 3.0. All images by Mentnafunangann / Wikimedia Commons.

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