The Great Isaac Cay Abandoned Lighthouse and Island


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June 1, 2013

The Great Isaac Cay is an abandoned island and lighthouse located in the Bahamas 20 miles away from Bimini. Construction began in 1852 and the lighthouse was finally erected and running in 1856.

On August 4th, 1969 locals found the island to be deserted and abandoned of its two keepers when the light had ceased flashing for a day. The keepers were never found and some believe they were lost to the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle. Though on August 1st and 2nd the 1969 Hurricane Anna came through and brought dangerous weather to the little rock island, so it is assumed they were lost to sea.

There is 19th century local lore that the island is haunted by the Grey Lady. There was a ship wreck in which the only survivor was her infant child. The mother was so upset it is said that to this very day she cries in sorrow at every full moon.

Open to the public the grounds are only accessible by boat. The lighthouse was later automated and the interior stairs removed so no one can go up there and mess with it. Now the island is alone except for the lone light that flashes every 15 seconds.

The support buildings around the lighthouse are falling to decay from storms and no upkeep.

These are the coordinates 26°02’0”N 79°06’0”W. The island is so small though I could not see it on Google Earth.

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